Alfa Romeo GTV6 Headlight Conversion Upgrade Kit
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Alfa Romeo GTV6 Headlight Conversion Upgrade Kit

$ 359.99
$ 359.99

If there is one area where the GTV6 is way behind modern cars, it's the headlights.

     Our headlight kits does three things.

1. The 2 lamp kit replaces the two outboard lights with powerful modern units.

2. It allows full system voltage to reach all four headlights. Obviously this makes them brighter.

3. It greatly reduces the amount of current going to the headlight switch on the steering column, prolonging its life.

    The 2 lamp kit includes two modern powerful headlights, relays, wiring, fuses etc. All wiring is heavy gauge copper and all connectors are crimped and soldered. The high and low beam systems are controlled by individual relays and fuses so a loss of one system will not leave you without lights. Installation does not require any cutting of wires, soldering or any special electrical work. It's a pure plug and play kit. The installation instructions are complete and have pictures.

    We include Hella branded H4 bulbs that have the standard wattage of 55w low beam and 60w high beam. You can substitute 55w/100w bulbs. That's the highest we recommend with the stock alternator, it's also the highest we have tested.

     We stock replacement lights and replacement bulbs. Should your lights get broken or your bulbs go out, they can also be purchased from our website or at most auto parts stores.  

    If you still need more lighting power, the wiring, fuse, and relay systems are set up to support 4 lights so you can add powerful inboards at any time. 

    We have not tested the wiring harness, relays and fuses on a right hand side drive car yet.  The lamps in this kit will not work with a RHD car anyways. 

   Important note: With the GTV6 you CAN NOT simply connect these more powerful headlights to the stock wiring. Doing this will result in a lot of melted wiring, a ruined turn signal switch and possibly an electrical fire! That's why this kit includes a lot more than just lights.

    Note 2: This kit is compatible with most headlights that will physically fit the GTV6.

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