Since 1982, we've specialized in automotive performance parts, tuning, and manufacturing for daily and motorsport use. Our facility in Oklahoma offers exclusive services, manufacturing, research, and design. 

HPSI Motorsports is an industry leading manufacturer specializing in the design of silicone hose kits for automotive and performance application.  We research, design, and manufacture 100% silicone hose kits for all Vacuum, Coolant, Heater, Plenum, Inter-cooler, Turbo, and Supercharger Applications. Our product line spans from vehicle specific kits, air intake systems, silicone couplers, clamps, upgraded injectors and more.  We give you everything you need to succeed on the street and at the track. 

Within our walls, we have three generations and over 50 years of enthusiast design and parts development experience. In our small family business, we've been heavily involved in the automotive aftermarket for years, starting with generations before.  We love our cars, and we know you do too. Inspiring and satisfying the aspirations of our owners and enthusiasts is our number one priority.

Here at HPSI, we have been selling vehicle specific silicone vacuum hose kits since 1999. We focus on making the best silicone hose kits and intakes on the market. When considering temperature range, ability to handle pressure and vacuum, bend radius, appearance and other factors, we think our hoses are the best. Notice that due to our vacuum hose's superior wall strength and sizing in most cases they do not require clamps, not even on the pressure side of a forced induction car. This keeps the installation neat and makes servicing easier. Most other companies vacuum hoses need plastic zip ties to stay on. 

We sell hoses on our web site & through various distributors. Chances are that if you see superb, high quality silicone products at a retailers shop or store, we manufacture it. On top of that, our return/exchange policy is the best in the business.  All our silicone has a limited lifetime warranty, and will last the life of your car.  OUR GUARANTEE: If any of our silicone hose fails for any reason, we will replace it at no charge to you. 

We appreciate your business, and please let us know if there's anyway we can help you.





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