SDS: The Fastest EFI in the World

Superior Design= Superior Performance

SDS EM-6 is the affordable engine management system that YOU can program. 
You don't need an expensive, complicated EFI system to win national championships and set records.

The EM-6 is the latest evolution of SDS's highly successful EM-1, EM-2, EM-3, EM-4 and EM-5 systems used in some of the fastest performance vehicles in 45 countries worldwide. The sixth generation system features improved digital, hard filtering and circuit protection, easier, more programmable features, a noise resistant, single chip, ECU design and batch fired injectors for reliability and ease of hookup and programming. Proven bulletproof in the high heat and brutal pounding of desert off-road racing and the demanding experimental aviation market. Over 11,000 electronic controllers produced with an estimated 23 million hours collectively on these over 29 years.

SDS offers 3 basic units to cover most popular applications:

  • EM-6 D: provides control of fuel injection only for 4, 5, 6 & 8 cylinder engines and Wankel engines. 
  • EM-6 E/MSD: provides fuel injection and crank triggered ignition control on 4, 6 and 8 cylinder engines equipped with a distributor and aftermarket spark boxes like MSD and Crane.
  • EM-6 F: provides fuel injection and crank triggered, distributor-less ignition control on 4, 6 and 8 cylinder engines.

With SDS, the programming software is embedded, reliable and proven- nothing to load and values are retained in memory even with power off. Programming can be accomplished with the engine turned off or running. No laptop required for tuning or monitoring. Four gauge modes permit real-time monitoring of all sensor inputs to the ECU complete with fault diagnostics on-screen. A mixture trim knob permits a full + or - 50% change in pulse width from the programmed values. Major SDS components are housed in quality aluminum enclosures and come with a 3 year warranty on parts and labor.

The EM-6 series has been extensively proven in over 28+ years of development, testing and real world use on a variety of street, race and special applications. It has been successfully used on cars, boats and amateur built aircraft.

Systems Include:

  • ECU
  • Backlit LCD programmer
  • Air temp sensor
  • Water temp sensor
  • Main wiring harness
  • Injector harness
  • Fuel trim control, +, - 50%
  • Comprehensive manual
  • Crank sensor (E,F)
  • Timing magnets (E,F)
  • Coil/amp unit (F)
  • Check engine lamp

Adjustable Parameters

  • RPM - every 250 (100 rpm for direct drive aviation engines)
  • Manifold pressure - 64 locations
  • Water temperature - 32 locations
  • Start function - 33 adjustments
  • Acceleration - 3 adjustments
  • Closed loop - 5 adjustments
  • Boost limiting
  • Rev limiting
  • Ignition timing - every 250 (E,F)
  • MAP retard - 64 locations (E,F)
  • Knock control (optional on E,F)
  • RPM switch - every 250 (optional)
  • Nitrous ignition retard (E, F)
  • Fast idle temp cutoff - 32 locations (optional)
  • Data logging AFRs vs. RPM

Extra Cost and Optional Items

  • MAP sensors (1 Bar $80 USD, 2 Bar $90USD, 3 Bar $105USD)
  • CHT sensor
  • Knock sensors
  • Oxygen sensors (1 and 3 wire)
  • Fuel pump relays* ($30 USD)
  • Fast idle solenoids ($105 USD)
  • Injectors (available from HPSI)
  • Fuel pumps
  • Wideband mixture meters
  • RPM switch
  • Throttle Position Sensor ($94 USD)
  • Electric fan switch relays* ($30 USD)
  • Supercharger switch relays* ($30 USD) 
  • Air conditioning solenoids
  • 8 channel data logging to PC
  • 15,000 rpm software
  • Custom length wiring harness ($42 USD)

*Note: relay options are not just a relay. These options consist of extra circuitry added to the ECU, a control wire and a modified relay.

Please send an email to before ordering or if you have any questions about this system.

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