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Fuel Enrichment Control Device for Bosch L-Jetronic fuel injection systems ("Black Box")

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Fuel Enrichment Control Device for Bosch L-Jetronic fuel injection systems ("Black Box")



If you want to avoid the hassle of upgrading to modern injection, or you just feel comfortable with the reliability of the stock injection system then this product is for you!

The old Bosch L-Jetronic system is an analog fuel injection system. This means it has no software to chip, flash, or reprogram. It can not take advantage of the mass air flow conversion kits out there as they only work on digital systems. With an old analog system like L-Jetronic, it's all in the hardware. For years those of us wanting to change the fuel curves on L-Jetronic cars had few choices. One popular choice was sending the ECU to a specialist for adjustments. This cost $400+ and involved a certain amount of risk to the ECU as the units are very delicate when they are apart. Hairline cracks in the boards and loosened solder joints were common on these boxes. The worst part was you had to send it back in every time you made a big change to the engine. Finally someone has an inexpensive and ADJUSTABLE solution.

This device can be used on all L-Jetronic equipped vehicles (and some Motronic), including but not limited to:
-Alfa Romeo GTV6, Milano 75, Spider
-BMW E12, E28, and E30
-Datsun 280Z/ZX
-Most 1980's Import Vehicles

Included with purchase:  Adjustment dial, vacuum switch, vacuum hose, wiring harness, and written instructions.

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